Echoes of Mercy Christian school is a transformational institution and many children that is giving hope to the rural children. The children and teachers’ lives are being transformed forever in Jesus name.

The school also impart high Christian values in the children. The teachers play a key role in this, every teacher has a role to play as a spiritual leader in his/her class. The children are taught these values either during the class lessons or in other related disciplines in the school.



The school has provided job opportunities to people in various capacities. Currently there are 21 teachers, and 21 subordinate staff. Most of the pupils also reside in the neighboring community. We have children who are HIV positive, and an immense number grossly suffer from many diseases like Sickle cell anaemia, others suffer from diseases due to malnutrition and poverty that is deeply rooted in the community. We continue to reflect radiant light into the precious lives of vulnerable children on a daily basis. The children are fed daily and to some, the meal they get at Echoes of Mercy Christian school is all they have.


Children reached with the gospel


Children Sponsored at EOM School


Children under quality education


Transition to High School



The school has BIBLE TIME lessons conducted every Tuesday and Thursday Morning before classes, we also have Bible Teaching every Monday at the assembly Ground. The school has a chaplain who preaches to the pupils every Friday Morning during the Pastoral Programme. This is for their Spiritual nourishment.


At Echoes of Mercy Christian school, we have high expectations of our children and set challenging targets for them.Our staff is dedicated towards providing and achieving the best. We endeavour that our children will possess high levels of both social and emotional intelligence so that they are well placed to succeed and thrive in the future,becoming active and productive members of the society. We believe that when our children leave from school at the end of eighth year, they leave with the following idea: ‘I BELIEVE AND I HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO SUCCEED.’ This is attributed to hard-work, discipline and impartation of Christian values at the school.