Hope to Kenya focuses on youth empowerment in Kiambiu slums, working towards developing he entrepreneurship skills of the community so as to get them out of the cycle of poverty. This way, we shall contribute towards addressing the Millennium Development Goals. Several activities are incorporated such as beadwork, shampoo and soap making, rug weaving, baking, sewing, capacity development, mentorship and above all discipleship and evangelism to grow their spiritual being.

I believe that in a few years time, Hope to Kenya’s impact will have a significant positive change in the lives of the beneficiaries which shall cascade to the community and beyond. Hope to Kenya is serving/working with 25 youths out of which 10 are school going at secondary level while the remaining 15 are either young married or single mothers or just out of college.


  • One girl has been trained through college in the past year and is currently awaiting internship in the hotel industry.
  • One member is currently training on hairdressing and beauty skills and will on completion be able to secure herself a job in the beauty industry or set up her own beauty salon.
  • The microfinance/table banking is benefiting 6 members who have borrowed money and used it as capital to set up small businesses within their community. The income is used to support and feed their families.
  • 10 members are students in high school. 2 of them are writing their final secondary school examinations this year. Each of them have benefited from the education support offered by Hope to Kenya.
  • We have been able to distribute 200 menstrual hygiene kits to pupils in some 3 schools in Kiambiu slums.
  • Over 25 rugs have been made byte members and sold and the proceeds formed part of the capital base for the microfinance initiative. When they make the rugs they are paid for the labor as soon as the finish weaving, this is a financial relief for them as well.
  • The best part of all that we do is the impact of spiritual growth of the beneficiaries through our weekly bible study sessions. We are witnessing increased participation in church activities and great involvement in the things of God. The members are also able to freely share about their personal problems because they are assured of a listening ear and compassion.
  • One of our members is soon joining tailoring and Dressmaking College. After she is through, we shall be able to start our own enterprise since we already have sewing machines and a serger. This will greatly help towards self sustainability of our programs.


  • To give spiritual hope through Jesus Christ shared through bible studies and discussions with hurting communities. 
  • Promote basic primary and secondary education through offering either full or partial scholarships.
  • To empower young women and youths economically through equipping them with relevant skills, and knowledge in microfinance and resource mobilization.
  • Improved literacy levels among the youths through support of vocational trainings.
  • Promote menstrual hygiene among young girls and women by providing reusable sanitary hygiene kits to help keep the young girls in school even during their menstruation days.
  • To create awareness on effects of drug and substance abuse through sharing of true life stories of persons affected by drug use, seminars and trainings on responsible living.
We as Hope to Kenya are very grateful to our partners and friends who have shown love by supporting us both financially and through prayer. Your prayers and well wishes keep as going and is a source of great encouragement to me and the people who help with this work.